What do you think of when you hear the word "self-sustainability"?

I feel that self-sustainability is a really personalised matter. I see it more as a process than a product. It is not something that is simply possessed or purchased. The process involves things that you do to sustain, nurture and honor yourself.

So, why am I talking about it here? Well I think that this issue comes up consistently in the world of activism where we can become so involved in a project that we start to fray around the edges, lose a wheel, the claws might come out, you may grow horns, you might get that burnt out feeling. It's all individual really but there are usually consequences when our internal sustainability starts to spiral downwards at the cost of a project.

There can come a time when we don't have that balanced feeling and we have to do something about it. Sometimes you can re-strategise what you do, seek assistance, lighten the load so that you can deal with this issue. It may mean immediate disconnection from a project for the sake of your sanity. It may mean gradual disconnection and passing on the project knowledge to someone else so that you can move on without ugly memories of the experience. Regardless of the situation, I feel that we are better, stronger and wiser people if we come from a balanced place. Maintaining a sense of self-sustainability is a constant conscious process.