[Personal experiences]

Meaning in motion


d a n c i n g

The 5 Rhythms are a map (like a map of my ecology of learning) which can take you on an ecstatic journey, opening you up to inherent intuitive wisdom, creativity and energy in the body. By tapping into my internal voice and energy source, my body moves in a way to follow that energy/dialogue into magical mysterious landscapes. My movement creates a language, a bodily and mental experience that provide sources for personal and academic exploration.

"And the bodies spoke to me. I saw stories in flesh, the untold tales of dead arms just hanging there, of pelvises locked in 'park', of clenched fists and locked jaws, in physiques molded into attitudes of "I'm not good enough" or "Get out of my way". Chests sunk in shame, shoulders riding high, voices edgy with anger or constricted with fear. The body never lies
(Roth, 1989: 18)"

Feelings were manifest in my body, urging to be known and understood. Layers upon layers of stories and ways of being in the world are posited within me.

"You have the power to become aware of the emotions that are coursing through your life - to know the contours, the patterns, the dynamics of your feelings, what they focus on and how they move"
(Roth, 1989: 85)

This way of being was like an 'uncovering' of myself. It was meaning, in its purest form, in motion. I have found the teachings of Voice Movement Practicioner, Paul Newham (1999), intimately applicable with my own findings through dance. Newham (1999) has written an eloquent in-depth psychology relating to voice, whereby use of voice/singing has been his personal medium for exploring bodily knowledges. For example, Newham (1999: 18) found that through the use of voice beyond the "clutter of learnt language" we can tap into our deeper thoughts and feelings and uncover the essence of ourselves. I have experienced the same uncovering of a new dialogue through dance.

I came to realise that my dance embodies me and many of my expressions/personal performances/activism. And that my body is always present in my work forming its own knowledges.

Forever flowing, delicately knowing.

Here now, with my body. My sacred body.

Listening, learning.

Every curve, beat and bone engraved with symbology.

I tango with its dialogues.

Choreographing its once silenced dimensions into mysterious movement.

Layered with tells me a story...

My story.

It's challenging to talk about a performance, such as dancing, without feeling as though I have stripped it of its zest, life and soul. My poetic words do not even feel like they can completely capture the heart of what draws me to perform and allows it to be so meaningful. Perhaps no medium of expression can fully communicate the embodied pulse that drives one to perform, completely defines the experience of performance in different contexts and states. At least, outside of one's own body. Many of my previous performances still live inside me, all inscribing images, words and feelings in my mind and body, waiting for the music and moment to gush out into movement.

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