[Personal experiences]

Letting the inside flow out


d a n c i n gl

Although 5 Rhythms is a form of dance, its style is formless. It has no real boundaries, no defined movement, no timed step. It's a technique that demands a heightened level of consciousness. A journey where the body tells no lies. 5 Rhythms becomes a probe for truth. The only boundaries that exist are the limitations of what the body can do, as well as boundaries your psyche/ego may place up.

This has been quite a personal process - feeling my way into my body. Dancing was something that came easily to me, however, feeling my way into my body and expressing that through movement was not something I had focused on so intensely before. Dancing in this way is quite full on to do around others in that you are, in many respects, exposing aspects of your experiences, the way you experience things, and the nature of your performing self.

My first experiences in this dance class is captured well by Gabrielle Roth's (1989) book 'Maps to ecstasy";

"Still I had no name for what I was doing. No language. People in my workshop were changing, bursting out of their straitjacket personalities and battering down the walls of their defense systems. I'd chanced on a way to unleash the spirit, but I had no structure, no method, no system. In fact, I had no idea at all, just instincts"
(Roth, 1989: 19)

What I was tapping into, was something quite profound in a whole new way. I was beginning to "recognize my own patterns inside and out" (Roth, 1989: 21) and becoming intimately knowledged on the nature of my performing self. I had to fully learn how to let the inside flow out authentically. For my embodied experiences to become known through movement.

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