I have performed my whole life. I owe gratitude to so many people that have both guided and inspired my path as a performer/activist. I have been touched so deeply by so many. Spirit, nature, family, friends, teachers, students, guides, lovers and myself. I can comfortably say that I have received something special from many who have ever crossed my path.

Acknowledgement to the Wurundjeri people. The place where my feet and heart reside. Thankyou for your timeless physical and spiritual nurturance of the land. These lands have been a blessing for me.

A big acknowledgement to Gabrielle Roth, who created an amazing explorative tool, the 5 Rhythms. To my dance teacher, Meredith who has created a safe and strong space over the last few months for me to explore the depth of knowledges stored in my body. Her guidance through the process of the 5 Rhythms has allowed me to access and understand the deeper layers of myself past and present. My body has become the clearest guide to living in a way that is deep, in tune, and reflective of the type of performer I wish to be. It holds my stories.

Much gratitude to my mentor, Catherine Camden-Pratt, who has opened me to new ways of exploring my life and experiences. You are a powerful role-model and truly a wonderful being to have in my life.

Much gratitude to my sister Vicki for her support and hard work in creating the website - couldn't have done it without you! Go Team Wavelength :-)

I hope you enjoy my performance...