About this site


This site is a place that explores, enlivens, embraces and celebrates the expansive variety of ways in which we, as human beings, can perform action for social, cultural, moral, ecological, political and spiritual purposes in the spirit of positive change.

Through this website I have tried to bring together different understandings and experiences by reflecting on my own personal performances and that of others.

This space is not just my own voice, but a collective performance that involves the voices and experiences of others. For I feel it is the collective contributions that help make this space so powerful.

The journey taken through these pages represents a freedom of diversity of voice, tone, story, style and character.

I have come from a place that nurtures the different expressions we are drawn to in our life-path and what it is about these styles that is so enticing, inspiring and transformational.

From a personal perspective, I have explored my own ecology of performance - how I experience performance in and through the body, the knowledge I have developed by exploring my bodily experience through dance and the metamorphosis of the body and consciousness through performance.

This is an ongoing, evolving space. It is an 'open space' that welcomes contributions to most of the themes covered in this space.

I hope that you experience its richness and potential.