About me


I am currently working as an environmental and school educator. I am also doing a Masters in Social Ecology which I use as fuel for my activist endeavors.

I see myself as a conscious social, cultural, moral, ecological and spiritual activist/actionist. I am constantly evolving in the way I perform.

My main interests are ecological sustainability and protection, Indigenous Sovereignty, human-nature relationships, organic and minimal-impact living, and spiritual mindfulness/activism.

I also like sunset walks along the beach, I have hairy armpits, I like traveling and I'm currently single. Call me Now ;)

Mysterious terrains and magical manifestations at my finger tips;
Subtle succulence,
Where will my conscious intentions and affirmations take me today?

The road holds a language of its own, my fingertips beckoning, hungry for experience, resonating a new definition of life and lifeways and self identity.

Why am I here? I live to create, I live to feel, I live to expand, I live to know beyond what I know...Where knowledge transforms and I simply BE.

Seemingly fearless, I Surrender to the unknown, completely at the fortune of whatever the universe has in its scripts for me... potentially filtered through my transcended affirmations.

Spiced with danger. Like an open book, with new pages to be filled, stories to told, and an ending to be made. Here I stand, alone, strong, connected, free, alive, aware, full of trust...

Twisting, turning, spiraling, subtle spiritual seduction, smiles, spiced with a flavor unknown to the senses, creating a whole new undefinable experience that can only exist as bodily knowing outside the limitations of words.

It's a place where I experience flowing magic.
A place where I feel closer to myself than in any other state, form or place...