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Spiritual activism


Become the change you wish to see

Spiritual activism, for me, is the spiritual underpinning nature of action for social, cultural, ecological, moral and spiritual good.

"Our stories tell us what is sacred in the world"
(Suzuki, 2006: personal communication)

It is perhaps one of the most commonly practiced forms of action in the world. Whether through ritual, prayer, meditation, pilgrimage, sacred art, music, chanting, and many other ways, millions of people all over the world in are dedicating this moment to their chosen spiritual/religious practice usually in hope of creating positive transformation. Often, the vision within these practices is working towards a common good, a positive transformation of the world or specific situation.

It could even be qualified that there is a numinous underpinning to many of the actions we undertake in everyday living. However the very essence of this is difficult to encapsulate noetically. For some, this spiritual essence of action may even be an unconscious thing yet to be discovered, uncovered, understood, or realised.

I hold spiritual practice close to my heart and feel that it plays a crucial and ineffable role in helping to transform the world around in a positive way. The more focused I am in my practice, the more potent I feel it is in its manifestations. Part of my spiritual practice is also about becoming a more loving, compassionate and harmonious person which helps me in my other activist endeavors. By working towards becoming a better person, I feel that I help make the world a better place to live in.