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Sculptures are another medium that many use as a way to express, educate, inspire and encourage change. An excellent example I would like to explore is Andy Goldsworthy.

Andy Goldsworthy

Searching for the window into nature's soul

Since the 1970's, Goldsworthy has created sculptures out of elemental forms often taking on the pattern of circles, spirals and lines. These are all patterns that can be found in the nature. All of his works are temporary in nature. The only semi-permanance thing he takes away is his memory of the process/product and the photograph he takes to share with others. The symbolism inherent in all his works and their temporary nature are rich with meaning.

"The works are formed from the very landscape that they inhabit, somehow both describing it and being an expression of it. This is extended by the fact that the stones have their own stories, their own experiences held within them - an accumulated energy that Goldsworthy constantly aims to tap".
(Herbert, 2003; online)

For Goldsworthy, seeing and understanding nature is a way of renewing our links with the earth. His works create a powerful dialogue between himself and nature. His intimate interaction with the elements enliven my own creative juices to express my connection with the earth but also remind me to celebrate my amazing deep connection with nature. And to also visit those places that mean so much to me and try to care for them in any way that I can. Goldsworthy's artform can also inspire quiet reflection about the nature and beauty of the world as a living organism in a state of continuous change.

There are a rare few that would get to interact with his sculptures in their raw, three-dimensional form. I can only imagine the impact his works could have by being in their presence. However, at the same time, I feel like Goldsworthy is sharing something personal with his audience as well as something universal. That is when I can see the appropriateness of the photography element.

Here are some examples of his works;