[ mediums for activism ]

Photography for change

"Photography was equated with the truth. The camera became an instrument to approach truth and had to reveal as much as possible. Every image had to teach something."
(Pierre Apraxine, 2005)

Photos seek and arouse many responses. Photos often seek emotion, a whole-body response. They may seek to inform, to shock, challenge, create fear, love, sorrow, numbness, joy, inspiration, and responses where there are no words.

Photo: By Jaz

What has to be captured to prompt this emotion? Is it different for everyone? What is a photographer capable of? I have my own answers to these. But what are yours?

This intent behind photography is the one which I wish to bring to surface. Many use the process of taking photos and sharing them as their way of activism. Whether it may be capturing social injustice on camera, environmental destruction, a particular reality, or abstract representations to convey particular concepts. The list goes on. These images 'captured' exist in the hope that they may bring about inspiration for change.

Images can portray some powerful images. They can perpetuate particular ideas that may be held close to the photographer and/or exploring particular concepts such as human-nature relationships. I enjoy photography as a medium for exploration, however, have never exhibited any of my photography in a performative manner. Although, I am right here right now! : When I take photographs, it is to represent my interaction with the environment in a particular moment, to show/explore relationships between nature things and spiritual connections with the earth.

Here are some images I would be honored to share that seek to express my relationship with the environment;

On a personal level, my photos act as memory triggers for me and allow for the feeling of that moment to come back into my body. Re-visiting these experiences can bring in new layers of meaning.