[ mediums for activism ]

Literary activism


Writing is a form of symbolic action and communication that dates back thousands of years. For a long time, writing was a very sacred and spiritual act. However, over time the written word has enacted many roles both positive and negative depending on the intention of the writer/performer. In some ways today, writing has lost some of its spiritual essence. Indeed writing can still provide a medium for us to share our truth, a vehicle for our voice to be heard. A place where one can experience the freedom on speech. It can still be a creative outlet, a path to make change in the world. There are different means that can be used to express ourselves texturally, such as:

  • Writing a book on an issue that concerns you, writing a life-story, personal insights, stories through fictional styles, children's book.
  • Composing a web page
  • Creating poetry
  • Writing an editorial, article, critique
  • Writing an academic paper.
  • Letter writing to organizations, companies, local representatives, politicians

I will explore some of these in the following sections: