[ mediums for activism ]

Painting and drawing


"We are storytellers. Our art is about direct engagement."
- Newton Harrison

Painting and drawing can be seen as powerful for it allows us to rawly and intimately engage with the piece and its layers of meaning. This bodily interaction and our interpretive processes can create such varied responses/insights/actions. It is truly a unique and mysterious process.

Artwork by Banksy
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Michael Leunig is a great example of art (in the form of drawing/cartooning) to communicate particular messages, ideas, perspectives and what he may see as important about a particular issue. Often Leunig's works focus on issues relating to human-nature relationships, nature, lifestyle, television, inner-self, children, identity and over-stimulation. One of the things that I feel that Leunig is able to achieve through his works is allow us to look at ourselves or others we may know in a very powerful way. For example, the use of animated characters has allowed for people like myself to laugh at some of the things our society does. Leunig's work often has many layers of meaning in each drawing and allows for engagement with the piece over an extended period of time. Here are some classic cartoons by Leunig as well as some more current works;

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